Tijdloos in het spotlicht

Zwolle, The Netherlands, 2017

translates as 'Timeless in the Limelight'.

Between 1928 and 1939 Beb Bakhuys scored a goal 28 times in 23 games playing for the Dutch national team. An average of 1,22 goals per game which hasn't been bettered since. 
Elisa Hendrik (Beb) Bakhuys started with amateur club Z.A.C (Zwolse Athletische Club) in Zwolle at thirteen years of age in 1922. His career later grew into one of a pro footballer as he played for FC Metz. Sadly his carreer got brutally interrupted by the second World War. 

This series is part of a group exhibition on 12 extraordinary people from the history of Zwolle on initiave of artspace 'Het Langhuis'.
was selected to make a work on Beb Bakhuys so I decided to photograph the current Z.A.C field, as the old one doesn't exist anymore.