In my work I research our landscape. Search for familiar and at the same time unfamiliar places and subjects that might be an example or even metaphor for human behaviour. I find these (un)familiar landscapes intriguing because the spaces that surround us have become so common, we no longer notice how extraordinary they can be.

Although I am thoroughly fascinated and amazed by human and societal behaviour, I work with the absence of humans in human made structures. I am much more interested in what our surroundings say about us. This fascinates me because our presence lingers in our absence, like an echo or residue of our existence. In a sense I feel this lingering presence is more pure than if I were to actually photograph a human. Humans are intricate creatures but what we leave behind us, to me, is more clear, less interrupted.


THIS ART FAIR 2017, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (27th - 30th of December)

NEW DUTCH PHOTOGRAPHY TALENT 2018, Arthotel 5&33, Amsterdam 2017

BUITENGEWOON, Het Langhuis, Zwolle 2017

FINALS, Willem de Kooning  2017 (Pentaprism) www.pentaprism.nl

EXPO EERSTE DRUK, Rotterdam 2016

TAKE A STAND, Public&Private minor exhibition, Rotterdam 2016


GUP New Photography Talent 2018
Pf Edition 9 November 2018 - Article: ’The Psychology of our Environment’