Scéal an tsaoil (life’s tale)

Ireland, The Netherlands, England

On the 5th of October 1999, I was, at the age of 4, for the first time introduced into what would be a big part of my life from there on out. Irish dancing.
By chance, I got to see a dance show make it’s first ever appearance in The Netherlands, and was mesmerised from then on.

Irish dancing is also what sparked my passion for  photography. Competing in many different places,  enabled me to become fascinated with spaces and  locations.
Now, both have shaped my life and fuel one another.

With Irish dancing being a very hectic, fast and busy activity, I search for balance with my photography.
This work is the marriage of my two reasons of existence.

The images are part of a bigger installation involving music and an additional booklet. The project is my graduation work and is part of the Pentaprism Collective.